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Reflections and Attitude

Waking up to rain, thunder, and lightning made me feel a bit grumpy. We had our writer’s group this morning and the thought of navigating raindrops and puddles to get to the meeting was not making me smile. The cafe where we meet is in Sitges and you can’t just drive up to the front door. We park quite a few blocks or farther away and walk thus my reluctance to slop in puddles. When the road conditions said “Ponding” I knew it was going to be a mess.

As I was getting dressed I started a pep talk to myself.

“You can either be grumpy and miserable about the rain or you can put a smile on your face, let the water run off your back like a duck and splash happily through the puddles!”

So that’s the attitude I took with me. As I parked the car and reached for the umbrella I glanced in the rearview mirror to make sure the smile was on my face.

As I opened the umbrella I noticed that it didn’t seem to be raining much anymore. In fact, it was now just the trees dripping. I put the umbrella down and decided to navigate the puddles and walk along the seafront.

I love the beach anytime but when the skies are stormy and the sea is tumultuous I love it even more. I stopped to take a couple of photos (shocked aren’t you) and continued walking on to the cafe.










As I walked along the newly retiled area I noticed that the workers really failed on the drainage issue. I stopped to take a photo for my civil engineer husband but then I looked again and I am really happy that they didn’t fix the drainage. It is perfect for gorgeous reflections.






As we sat writing, the clouds cleared and the sun came out. I guess Mother Nature had a bit of a pep talk with herself as she got ready as well.

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