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Exercise for the mind or the body?

On Sunday we had a proper ‘Sunday English roast lunch’ on the seafront in Vilanova. The restaurant did a wonderful job of creating a vegetarian meal for Mark. The only photo I took was of our glasses of cava that we started the meal with. Believe me, even though I didn’t take a photo there was enough food on each plate to feed six of us, not just three. We always have a great time together with Mark.


Yesterday, Bob and I had to go to Sitges to sign some paperwork at our bank. After that, we had a lovely stroll through town and sat for a bit watching the sea at San Sebastian Beach. We ran into our friends Montse and Alex and stopped to have a drink with them. Perfect timing!



We saw this extremely LOUD Christmas shirt in town as well. Wow!


Today the question is this. Is it exercise for the soul or for the body? Bob knew I needed to get outside today so suggested (read: insisted) we take a long walk along the promenade in Sitges. I was a bit grumpy today and really needed the fresh air.

Just to make it clear…I only took a couple of photos as I was trying to focus on the exercise bit. 🙂

It was a spectacular late October day.

The sun was playing hide and seek amongst the palm fronds.






So gorgeous.

Not only did we hit my step goal for the day but my mind is much clearer and happier having taken the long walk.

Now…I can’t help you with your exercise bit but if you need to relax your mind and renew your soul just watch and listen to this.

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