Xan & Bob

Taking time to weed things out

Do you ever have days where you have a to do list set out but your mind is so full of different ideas and thoughts that it is hard to focus? I had my day planned and a very long to do list laid out. Somethings got checked off the list and more did not. But that’s okay. Tomorrow is another day.

It was cloudy and a bit cooler first thing this morning so I knew that I wanted to tackle some gardening. This part of my to do list was easy. Trim the Oleander that is outside our courtyard and trim back the other green (but getting more brown) things in the corner next to it.  I say green/more brown things because I have no idea what the mess is. Another part of our adventure is learning what is a weed and what is just a plant we haven’t met before. 😉

The Oleander was easy and looks so much better. It needs a bit of spray for some bug issues but at least there is less of it to spray now.


The corner green/more brown thing was a bit more work. I decided to just cut it all the way back and if it sprouts again then great. If not, we have a huge place for something better looking that is more green than brown. While I was pruning Virginia came by and thankfully pointed out that one piece in the mess was the fabulous plant that we have down the lane behind us. The name of which I have heard a few times but have no idea how to spell it yet. If you look at the photo closely you will see just one green thing sticking up in the corner.

20170626_103243 cropped

This is the beautiful plant down the lane in all it’s glory.

The green/more brown thing had several things growing and one of them had very sticky leaves and stems. I had to use duct tape to get it off of my clothes before I washed them.

I finished up and took a shower and was ready to tackle that to do list. What I found was that it was a day full of getting rid of the green/more brown things not only outside but inside as well. I found that I couldn’t focus on the creative stuff until I sorted through more of the green/more brown things in my head.


This move was a big change and some things that are really so petty sometimes take over my mind. It can be simple things like not being able to find something in the shops that we are so used to having, struggling with learning the language even though we are learning every day, the crazy bureaucracy or just missing someone back in the States.

Sometimes we have to take the time to weed through the more brown things in our minds so that we can enjoy and appreciate the green things. The things that are blooming and growing. When I wake up tomorrow that to do list will still be there but I think I will be in a better state of mind to tackle it. I’ll be ready to focus on the bright-side of life.


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