Early Morning Debate

As my Fitbit alarm gently vibrated, I debated getting up for my morning walk. I had been lying there cursing a headache and really couldn't be bothered to get up and go for a walk. Or so I thought. I stifled a groan and a grumble as I got out of bed and got dressed.… Continue reading Early Morning Debate

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Stepping Into the Day

I've been taking time to do something good for me. Walking in the early morning. Trying to get those 10,000 recommended steps a day can be difficult when my job is to write my first novel which means sitting at my laptop for hours on end. If we don't have errands to run during the… Continue reading Stepping Into the Day

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Long walks are good for the soul

It is the end of a four-day holiday weekend. Pretty much everything is shut except restaurants. I'm sure those have done a fantastic business! The transportation department predicted that 400,000 cars would  leave Barcelona for the weekend. And they did. We discovered that first hand last year when on Good Friday we went to take… Continue reading Long walks are good for the soul