Time at the beach

We’ve had a couple of productive days here at home. We hung the rest of the pictures and finally came up with a solution for storing my jewelry. We have not had any luck finding a jewelry armoire here so we had to improvise. It hasn’t been high on our to do list but I am glad we finally got around to it. I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon unpacking my jewelry and getting it put away. I’m very meticulous on how it is organized so it takes me a while to get it done. I had packed it in early February so it was a bit like Christmas. Bob has also been busy with work so we decided to take in a bit of beach time today.

It is absolutely gorgeous here. About 86°F (30°C) with about 37% humidity and a wonderful breeze. Not a cloud in the sky.

With our new banana chairs we headed down to Sausalito Beach. Thankfully it was nowhere close to as busy as it was a couple of weekends ago. We set up in our normal spot and walked into the water to feel the temperature. Still much colder than we would like at 73°F (22.8°C). We psyched ourselves up by saying that once we were hot from laying in the sun that it would be refreshing. HA!

I didn’t remember to take photos of our new set up but there is always tomorrow! We both love the beach and it always renews our spirits. We have spent a fair bit of time on this beach over the years and we love this spot. Maybe you can see why.



After reading and soaking in the sun for a bit we wandered into the water. Holy moly it was cold! For the record, I was the first one to completely submerge which I am proud of.

As we were swimming and floating around I was thinking about the last time we were there. Last September when we were here on vacation and the dream of moving here was so much a part of our conversations. It seemed that every time we got into the water and I was just floating around I was racking my brain as to what I would/could do for work once we moved here. It was something that weighed on my mind quite a lot. We spent a lot of time in the sea discussing this dream of ours. By that time, we had purchased healthcare so we knew we would be doing it at some point but we didn’t know when. So much still had to happen.

It was in the water there that the idea of this blog was born. A dream just like many others we had. Now look where we are and look at what you are reading. Pretty cool how things happen. Today instead of saying, “Gee we really would love to live here someday.” we were able to say, “We live here.” That is an incredible feeling.

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