Sunday along the beach

Last Sunday we went into Sitges to look for a table cloth for our outdoor table where we have a planter of flowers. We knew we could find what we wanted at one of the kiosks along the promenade and we did.  What a change it made to the table and our courtyard. The color just pops!

We had a lovely walk along the promenade and it is clear that Sitges beaches are ready for summer.

Wandering around Sitges never gets old to us. It has a magic about it.

We had planned on stopping by Sausalito Sitges Platja for a glass of cava to celebrate their opening for the season. This is our favorite of the 17 beaches in Sitges. It was recommended to us by one of the wonderful staff at Dolce Sitges a few years ago. By the time we would have arrived for our yearly vacation it was end of season and the restaurant Sausalito Sitges would only be open on the weekends. We are looking forward to spending much more time there. The first photos are of Sausalito when we arrived earlier in the day. Because we had always arrived at the end of summer we were used to it being even less occupied than this.

Sausalito 2

Sausalito yoga
What a perfect place to do Yoga.


On the way back to Sausalito we saw how much the beach had filled up and a fog bank had moved in.

We decided that since we now live here we can always come back and celebrate their opening. We also figured out that we need to make Monday-Friday our weekends to spend some time on the beach to avoid the summer crowds. Saturday and Sunday there is motor racing on and as this is Bob’s business he needs to watch. Okay, to be honest we both love it so I will be watching too. Anyway, it just makes it more convenient to go to the beach during the week. Five days instead of two weekend days sounds much better to me anyway!

The Winery Woman photo is a one that we took at Sausalito last September. Cava on the beach…what could be better?


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