Xan & Bob

A few changes

There are so many ways that my life has changed in the past couple of months. Some changes have been easy to accept like no more huge yard to take care of. Some things I have had to change/adjust my attitude about.

As I’m sitting here typing I looked over at Bob’s new desk and noticed how dusty it is. Dust is now something that I will just have to embrace. We live in a village that is all dirt roads. Dust happens. No, this doesn’t mean that I am going to let it accumulate but I must learn to not take it too seriously either. We have our windows open all the time so when I dust and sweep and mop I have to accept that it won’t stay perfect for long. And that’s okay. On that note, this is another advantage to not having a house full of stuff. Less places for the dust to settle. Makes cleaning all that much easier.

I am a lover of Pinterest as many people are. I also believe that some people take all the perfect pictures too seriously and strive to present their homes as they look in the photos. This causes us to buy things we really don’t need and sometimes really can’t afford. Yes, I have certainly bought things that we didn’t need just because I liked them and thought they would look great in the house. That has certainly changed now. Don’t get me wrong I still see things on Pinterest or in the shop windows and imagine it in our home. However, now I think about all the stuff that we got rid of before we moved here and I really don’t have any desire to have that much stuff ever again. I really do not miss it. We joke every time we buy something, even simple things like a paper towel holder, “and this is how we ended up with 12,000 pounds of stuff…one pound at a time.” We still want our home to look lovely but we can do that with less stuff. I’m not trying to impress anyone. If Bob and I love our home then that is all that matters.


Wildlife can be a bit different here. Last week we came home to see a Jabalí in the field across from our gate. We know that wild boar are all over and have been told we would come across them when we are out walking at night. We have looked for them but always after dark because that is when we expected to see them. We also expected to see a group of them together. Well, this was shortly after 8pm and still light outside and he was all by himself. The photos aren’t great as I only had my phone on me. By the time I got my camera and went back out he was walking around the corner of the church. I figured it was best not to chase him down for a photo shoot. I will tell you that he may not be much to look at but he was darn cute when he wagged his little tail.

We have had to accept that we can’t get certain products here or that they are different than what we are used to. Sometimes this is easy to accept and sometimes it is frustrating. We brought our Epson printer from the States only to find out that we can’t buy the ink cartridges here not even online. Ugh. I use rubber gloves when washing dishes and have been using the ones with cuffs for years. Can’t find them here. And the gloves are shorter so when I fold the edge over to make a cuff I have to watch how deep the water is that I put my hands into. I purchased some on Amazon Spain but they are awful. So, to solve both of these issues I placed an order on Amazon U.S. and had it shipped to my sister Vicky who will then ship it to us. There are still things we are searching for like Baking Soda. It has to exist we just haven’t figured out what it is called here. We had the same issue with Hydrogen Peroxide. It is easy to find out what that translates to in Spanish but that doesn’t mean that you will find it. It is called reasonably enough Agua Oxigenada (water with oxygen). Makes sense now that we found it.

We’ve adjusted to splitting up our day to get errands done. You have to plan for getting to shops and businesses before they close for lunch. Most close from 2pm-5pm. Some close at 1pm and some at 1:30pm. Not a big deal once you know what time they shut but you cannot assume it is all 2pm. We’ve learned this through trial and error. For the record, they are not off having a siesta either.

We don’t have a dishwasher. I thought this would be hard for me to get used to but it hasn’t been. We could buy one but…don’t need it.

I’ve been hanging our clothes out to dry instead of using our dryer. Might as well use all this wonderful sunshine. The last time I did this was probably over 25 years ago and I lived in Carmel, CA at the time. Gorgeous place but not the best weather (read: fog) for drying clothes outside.

We moved here wanting to change our lifestyle. That obviously means embracing how things are done here. For the most part that is easy but sometimes it means that we need to adjust how we look at things. Let go of the familiar and try something new. Not take life so seriously.


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