Just about beach time

We went into Sitges for an appointment this morning. Once we were finished we decided to stroll down and have a coffee overlooking San Sebastian beach. It is a stunning place both during the day and at night.

San Sebastian

We Googled what the sea temperature is and it is still a bit chilly for us to go swimming. Today it was 20.6ºC or 69ºF. Needs to warm up a bit before we go in. Or we just need to be brave and dive in. We watched many visitors from England braving the water – you have to when you are on holiday. Bob remembers all too well going to the beach in England as a child/young man and sitting behind a windbreaker (piece of canvas) in his coat. “We are at the beach and we will enjoy it.” His Dad took him and his mates to the beach one time and it rained. Dad sat in the car while the boys hung out on the beach.

I want to enjoy it as much as we can and really don’t want to use the excuse that the water is too cold. Of course, that is easy for me to say sitting in my office. The other excuse could be that we don’t need to do it until it warms up more because we live here now so we can go anytime. No, not going to use that excuse.

We enjoyed our coffee and then on the way home stopped to buy banana chairs for the beach. Okay, how many of you know what that is? I didn’t. I knew the type of chair we were going to buy but I had not heard it called a banana chair. Bob, of course, thinks I must be crazy for not knowing this term. As I am typing this I thought I would Google “banana chair.” Do it and look at the images! For the record, ours do not look like a banana. By the way, the way Bob says banana always sounds better than the way I say it. Must be the accent, huh?!

So, we now have banana chairs. We have been content with beach towels on the sand when we have been here on vacation but it is time to step it up a bit. Truthfully just make it more comfortable. Here is our vacation layout.


Banana chairs or whatever you call them will be a nice improvement. One of the smart things we did on vacation was to pack a couple of blow-up pillows for the beach. These are normally used in a bathtub but I figured it was perfect to have on the beach.  Easy to pack and then once we got here we would blow them up once and leave them in the car.

So, chairs are ready, we still have the pillows and we also have beach towels that we bought the first year we came to Sitges. We didn’t know then that the Dolce Sitges would provide towels for us to use on the beach. Oh yes, and don’t worry Elvira, we have plenty of sunscreen! Elvira was our wonderful Dermatologist in Cary, NC. Happy to say that she and her husband are now dear friends. We promised her that we would be smart. 🙂


Now, what I do need are some book recommendations. We both have Kindles now since we parted with our hundreds of books before the move. As much as we would rather hold a real book I must admit that the Kindle is much easier to use on the beach. So, please let me know any good books that you recommend. I’m not stuck in any one genre so don’t be shy with your recommendations.

I also have a new GoPro camera to use in the water. Thank you to our friends at GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, NC. A fabulous kart track that Bob built. Check it out if you are in the area.

Next week the weather will be around 80ºF or 26.6ºC. Very nice. The water temperature should be a bit warmer also. We are looking forward to some relaxation time on the beach. It is amazing how that renews our spirits. Cheers.


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