People at the beach

While we were at the beach yesterday I was looking around at the other people enjoying the lovely weather. I love to people watch no matter where I am. I wonder what their story is. By that I mean, if we sat down to enjoy a meal together what stories of their life would they share? Would they talk of the trials and tribulations? The loves found and loves lost? Adventures they’ve been on? Dreams they chased and those they have yet to?

I love to watch children on the beach. They’re excitement is contagious. There was a little boy there yesterday that was so enthralled by everything. Of course, the other thing about children and water is they never seem to feel the temperature like we do when we get older. The ability to run into the water and not think or realize how cold it is.

There were people young and old and all shapes and sizes. Some were very modest and some were changing into their swim suits like they were in the privacy of their own home. As is the norm on the beaches here many woman were topless. No supermodel bodies just real people. Young and old. All shapes and sizes. No one cared. No one was offended. No one is judging you on whether you have a perfect bikini body or not. How refreshing is that?

My point is this. We all have stories to tell. We all have bodies that are not perfect. We’re all just there enjoying the beach, the sea, the weather and watching the children play. And maybe remembering our childhood beach memories. Beach time won’t last forever. Winter will come. Don’t worry about not having a beach body or the perfect swim suit. Just get out there and enjoy life. Life is too short to miss out on days like this.




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