Xan & Bob

Where did the day go?

It’s evening here in Spain. I have no idea where the day has gone. We had a late breakfast at Cafeteria Fleca Bertran bakery in Canyelles. This cost €5 or about $5.00. Depending on where you go in the States one of these pastries alone would cost that. My friends in Cary, NC – think about what this would cost at La Farm Bakery. We won’t even mention Starbucks and what it would have cost.



Then off to two grocery stores. This was the entrance to one of the stores. Absolutely love living once again where Jacaranda trees live. How gorgeous is this?


Once home we worked and got a few things done around the house. A wonderful salad (thanks to Bob) for lunch in our courtyard. We then debated whether to go to the beach or not. Really? Why is there even a question whether to do this or not? LOL. I still hadn’t written my blog and we had more work to do but…well…the beach was calling to us once more.  As I’ve mentioned we will not be going to the beach on the weekends as we prefer a emptier beach. 🙂 So, off to the beach we went. I had to focus my camera on my hat today as there were more people and the ladies were soaking in as much sun as they could. Who could blame them?

On the way home from the beach we stopped at El Tros for a drink and visited with Marc and Jenny.

Now we are sitting in our courtyard as I write my blog. Bob is about to start making dinner – fresh Perch. Yes, it is 10pm but we are in Spain.


We’ll be up for a couple more hours. Funny, I think back to what my life was a few months ago. I was up at 5am during the week. Got home from work around 6pm (was much later in the previous 4 years.) Dinner around 7pm and I was falling asleep at 8pm. The days flew by then. Now, I am up at 7am and we don’t go to sleep until 12 midnight. I still don’t know where the days go. But, I am certainly enjoying each day a lot more than I was.


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