The relentless barker

It has warmed up here this week but thankfully not accompanied by the humidity we are used to from North Carolina. Well, let’s face it we moved a lot so let’s add Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, and Kentucky to that humid list we don’t miss. We’ve taken to closing the windows during the day and opening them at night. The thick stone walls keep the house cool.

This morning we decided to start the day with a wander around the property. I had posted photos of the irises and roses along the lane behind our casa and now there are these beautiful flowers that bloom at night and are closed during the day. Our neighbor, Patrick, who is the magical green thumb here, told us the name but I cannot remember it. Sorry, I will have to ask him again. Anyway, there many different colors and the plants grew so fast. He told us that they will die off in Winter and then come back in Spring. From our bedroom window we have an amazing view of them but we may need to plant some in our courtyard.


They opened the pool a couple of weeks ago but we hadn’t been over there yet. Just stopped by to remind ourselves how tranquil it is with this amazing view. So when we are too lazy to go to the beach we always have this.

Although the village is small the property is large and there is so much of it we have yet to explore. This morning we started off on a familiar trek until Bob said,  “Hmmm, I wonder where this path goes?” So off we went.


Well, the path took us past a house that we have only seen from a distance. As soon as we got close the resident dog started barking. Bob kept walking up the path a bit to see where it went. I stayed where I was until he stopped at the top and said that it kept going over the hill. I walked up to where Bob was and on we went. Okay, no problem except the dog was still barking. We stopped and turned around and finally saw him and he looked like a sweet lovable dog but he kept barking. And then he started following us. Barking. And following us. Barking. Protecting his territory…I get it. Well, he kept following us and barking so we went off to another path just trying to get him to stop following us. That didn’t work. This took us up on the other side of the canyon away from our village. Finally…he stopped following us. I have to tell you that I seriously had thoughts that he was going to follow us all the way back to our place and sit outside. Barking. LOL.

The relentless barker

So, now that he had stopped following us we needed to make a decision how to get back. Either go the way we came which neither of us were keen to do or find another path. We knew that we needed to stop going in the direction we were going as it was taking us farther away. In the top left of this photo (below the cut in the mountain) is our village.


So we headed back a different way. We found a couple of other paths, some that were barely visible, but since we could see vines on the side we knew we would end up back where it was more familiar.


Funny how seeing vines that are producing grapes for a beverage we love is the path we needed to follow to get home. Much better than leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to find our way home.


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