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Celebrating my 400th blog post

Today marks my 400th blog post. WOOHOO! 400! Four hundred! No matter how you write it that is a big number. It may seem a bit vain but I’m proud of myself. Even though writing is my dream there are days when sitting down to write a blog is a bit of a challenge. That may be because I’ve been busy all day and I am tired as I sit down at the laptop and try to write a post. Some days are just so ordinary that I can’t think of anything I think you will find interesting. Yet, I persevere. There are other days I can’t type fast enough.

It is always easy to take photos that I think you will enjoy.










Writing this blog has brought me so many new friends across the globe. Thank you for reading. Thank you for the likes and thank you for your comments. There are so many blogs out there and I’m touched and thrilled that you have stopped by to read mine.

So, today I am celebrating this milestone with a glass of cava. Here’s to 400!

If you are new to reading my blog  I’ve included a few links below of various posts over the past 18 months. I hope you enjoy and keep coming back.

They were just flocking to that field

A not so quick visit to the beach

A Symphony of Sun and Sea

I’m building a fort…wanna come over?

Look how the grapes have ripened

Festa Major 2017



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