A not so quick visit to the beach

Bob is in England for a few days at the Autosport International Conference. As I have told you before I always make these insane to-do lists for me to attempt to complete while he is gone. I know I will never finish everything but that doesn’t matter I still make the crazy list. This week is no different.

Yesterday my plan was to spend the day at home working on the to-do list and those “baby steps“. I had already accomplished quite a bit on my to-do list but there is always more.  Yesterday morning I was on the phone with Bob and we talked about what the weather was like. Now, he is in Birmingham, England in January so hands down I have the better weather here in Spain. It was a bit windy here and when I told him that I suddenly had a thought that there may be some nice waves at the beach to photograph. So my plans for the day changed a bit. I did work at home until about 1:30 pm but then headed down to the beach for a quick look. Well…maybe not quite so quick.

When I got out of the car (in the shade) it was quite cool and the wind had a bite to it so I bundled up and headed down to the beach. As soon as I walked down the stairs I was pleasantly surprised by how protected it was and quite surprised to see a guy lounging in a Speedo catching a bit of sun. It wasn’t THAT warm!

And the waves I expected to see due to the wind…well…this is what greeted me.


I’m not complaining this is really what we are used to here except for those “coastal events”.

Instead of walking towards town which we always do I decided to walk the other direction. What I found was that the lovely beach was scattered with seashells. This is not a normal thing for the beach we frequent so I was a bit excited. You see…I have always had a love of seashells. Okay, so maybe more of an obsession. This was my collection when we lived in Jacksonville, Florida. This was probably early on in our three or four years living there so this isn’t all of it. Before we moved from there I actually took a big bag of shells back to the beach and dumped them. When we moved here from North Carolina I gave all of my shells away to friends. I only brought my sea glass with me…this is a  much smaller collection.

Now that I am not collecting stuff anymore I am much more picky in my choosing of shells. No really common ones and no broken ones. That narrows it down right there.

Since it was just me and my shadow on the beach I took advantage of scouring for treasures.

I tried different perspectives once again.







Between searching for shells and sea glass and taking photos I was in heaven.












Love the seaweed. Look at the original photo on the left and then look how menacing the shadow looks when I flipped the photo on the right. Okay…maybe it’s just me and that’s fine. 🙂

I wandered farther down the beach where it gets a bit rocky. So gorgeous.

A bit farther…





I really spent much more time at the beach than I anticipated. But that’s what happens when you are at the beach. You never want to leave. I really needed to get back to my to do list though.

Oh and this is the extent of my seashell and sea glass collection now.


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