Xan & Bob

Week of firsts…Checked off

Well, my week of firsts finishes tonight. Bob is on his way home from England. First, I want to thank those who reached out to me with words of encouragement and to reassure me that it was not nonsense. I really appreciate it!

It has been a good week and I have checked a lot of “firsts” off my list. I know that living in a new country there are many more “firsts” to come. This week has certainly given me some new confidence to face what comes.

Many times, when I was out and about running errands I thought about it being the first time doing this or that. Just everyday things that back home I would never have even given them a second thought. But life is different now, isn’t it?

Whenever Bob travels I make these insane to-do lists. Not one of them has ever been realistic. Even if I stayed up twenty-four hours a day I would never get it all done. It is crazy but I do it every single time. I’m happy with what I did get accomplished this week but there are a couple of things that I really wish I had checked off the list. The good thing is that I got a lot of house work type things done, cleaning, ironing etc. Now I can focus on some fun stuff that needs to be done.

While I was ironing I worked on my Spanish lessons. I can’t wait to share with Bob what I have learned. It will be great to have him home so that we can practice together. Lots more to learn but I’m slowly feeling better about it.

Well, I must run. There a couple of things to do before I head to the airport to pick up Bob and it looks like his plane is expected a bit earlier. YIPPEE!!!

Oh, and if you have some “firsts” of your own coming up. Don’t worry. Be brave. You’ve got this!



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