Xan & Bob

Fourth of July

I hope that all my friends and family in the States had a festive and fun-filled Fourth of July. I loved seeing all the Facebook posts of Red, White and Blue, parades, fireworks, and friends and family gathered together to celebrate. I may be living in another country but I am American through and through.

Bob and I made a traditional American feast. Hamburgers, homemade chili, my mom’s “Party Potato Salad”, corn on the cob and blackberry tart.

Our neighbors Kim and Virginia joined us. I was so touched when they arrived to see that Virginia had made a patriotic pie. How sweet is that? ♥ And yummy!



We had a lovely evening enjoying way too much food and just the right amount of cava. Our gatherings are always a learning experience as we all continue to learn each other’s languages. We were thrilled that they shared this special evening with us.


During the day I was texting with my cousin Donna and that got me to reminiscing about what we were doing last Fourth of July. Hanging at Lake Norman with family! So much fun. She is as patriotic as I am so I know that yesterday we were both decked out in lots of red, white, and and blue.

Where ever you were yesterday I hope that you had a great day celebrating!

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