The beach renews our spirits

Yesterday after getting some work done,  Bob and I finally got some time at the beach. It was a gorgeous day with a nice breeze to keep us comfortable. The water temperature has warmed up and we enjoyed just floating on our backs looking up at the bright blue sky. We’ve always loved time at the beach. It makes us slow down and relax. It renews our spirits. We both love how we feel with a bit of sun and the remnants of the salt water on our skin. We’ve always said we would love to live in a shack on the beach. I think we are both content to live in a vineyard that is 15 minutes to the beach.

What is your favorite beach? To Bob and I sand and water do not make a beach. We like beaches with character. Our favorite beach in Carmel, California would change daily. The sand covering and then uncovering the rocks from one day to the next. My family and I spent a lot of time on that beach and I was thrilled when I shared it with Bob and he loved it as much as I did.


We lived in Jacksonville, Florida for a few years and a mere three miles from the beach. Whether it was my early morning walks alone or our time there as the sun was setting it was beautiful. This is one of  my favorite photos from that time. Nothing like watching doggies playing on the beach.


When we moved to North Carolina we were about one and a half or two hours from the beach. In our five plus years living there we only went to the beach once. But, the visit we did make to the beach was with our daughter Dani when she came for a visit. That made it all the more special. This photo makes my heart happy.


Our time at the beach renews our spirits at that moment but during stressful or bad days we can go back to the beach in our mind. Remember how the sun felt on our faces. How the sand felt between our toes. How the waves sounded as they found the sand. How our skin felt with the remnants of the salt from the sea.

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