Look how the grapes have ripened

Bob and I haven’t had as many walks in the vineyard recently. A couple of reasons were our travelling and the heat wave here when we both returned. Believe me when I say we are always watching the changes as we are driving in or out of the village. It is getting to be an exciting time here.

Having arrived here in Spring when the vines were waking from the deep winter sleep we have enjoyed watching the changes occur. From sprouting leaves. Then to green pruning.

before and after green pruning

Then seeing the shape of things to come.

Watching as the grapes started to grow.

And grow…


Now look at the change! Isn’t nature amazing?!





I love this one! “I don’t need a bunch of leaves or to be crowded by other grapes. I think I will just grow right here!”




As harvest time gets closer this is a very crucial time in the vineyard. As we wandered through one area the other day we noticed that rows of grapes had been thinned. The cut grapes just laying on the ground. Why? Why thin them now? Can’t they use what was discarded? You see…we have a LOT to learn! We spoke to Marcello, the vineyard owner and our landlord, who explained that when the bunches of grapes are touching at this stage it can cause rot. So, they thin the bunches to ensure that they are separated. To us, this seems like it wastes a lot of wine, but in the end it all would be rotten, so some must go to ensure the quality of the rest. Our only thought was why not do this sooner, before the plant had expended all that energy and goodness, but I guess they know what they are doing, what do we know? More than we used to, Cheers.

Gosh I just love learning about all of this! We are looking forward to harvest. They are getting things cleaned and prepped so not long now. We remember when Hanna showed us the house last September and we commented about how quiet the village was. She replied to just wait until harvest time then it is not quiet at all. 🙂


“The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.” ~Galileo Galilei

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