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I’m building a fort…wanna come over?

Do you remember making forts when you were a kid? Whether it be a fort made up of blankets draped creatively over furniture or in a tree-house or in the rafters of your garage? Did you make special rules for your fort? What was allowed and what wasn’t? More importantly were the rules that decided who was allowed in to the fort.

I have fond memories of both the blanket forts and the fort my sister Vicky and I had in the rafters of our garage. My memories do not include any rules, but it was a fort…there had to be rules otherwise everyone would be allowed in.

Well, here’s the thing…I want to build a fort. I want to make rules. Easy ones like wine is allowed, hugs are mandatory, and giggles are encouraged. I want to choose who can come play in my fort. Or hide in my fort if that’s what they need.

I want to surround myself with people who get me and who lift me up. Who I get and who I lift up. Similar thought processes. Thought-provoking conversations but those conversations would be uplifting and encouraging. Not mean spirited or close-minded.

You see, I am really sick of all the crap happening in the world. I would say ‘right now’ but let’s face it…there is always a lot of crap happening in the world. Social media and constant news just make sure that it is more in our faces all the time now. And sometimes we only really pay attention to it when it affects us and our well-being. Sorry but I think that is honest. Yes, we all have causes that we believe in and speak out for and fight for, but we still carry on in our own lives. In a sense that is our own survival mechanism. Well, I am sick of bad news. I’m sick of people being hurt and people hurting by things out of their control. I am a fixer and I always want to make everything better. But, that isn’t reality. So, instead…I want to build a fort.

We can bring our pillows and favorite stuffed animals. Bring our favorite books to read aloud. We’ll have yummy things to eat which if eaten in the fort will not be fattening. We can tell stories and admit our dreams and encourage each other. We can be silly and giggle until our tummies hurt. We can stay up late and nap when we want.

The outside world won’t and can’t bother us.

I wish it were that simple. Had we known as kids that building a fort when we were adults wouldn’t be the same…I doubt we would have ever left those childhood forts.

I think I will build one anyway. If anyone is looking for me that’s where I will be.



4 thoughts on “I’m building a fort…wanna come over?”

  1. I’m thinking we all need a fort retreat! Some days adulting is so dang tiring, it drains your energy and leaves you feeling hollow inside.

    My friends and I used to use an exuberant amount of string between trees to hold up the walls in our outdoor forts. We would drag in shoe boxes for storage, and food supplies.

    These days as a family we drag out our sleeping bags and have all night movie marathons on Saturday night. If you fall asleep, no problem! Not a fort perse, but still a warm, safe, cozy feeling.

    Forts rule!

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    1. I’ve found that any place we are with our loved ones (i.e. the family movie marathons) is a fort. Funny since I wrote this post my husband and I have commented at different points. “Another of our forts.” A place of love and comfort. 🙂


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