Gran Reserva – a day out

Friday night as we were settling in for the evening we received a phone call from our friend Joan (La Posada, Les Piques). He asked if we were at home and said he would be here in 7 minutes. Hmm. Okay. Well, he was stopping by to give us four discounted tickets for the Gran Reserva Cava event for Saturday in Olerdola. Wow! That is awesome. Bob stopped next door at Kim and Virginia’s and invited them to join us on Saturday.

The setting of this event is the gorgeous Olèrdola Castle Historical site. I told you about us exploring the site here. The event showcased about 20 small to medium cava producers from the Penedès region. They would be sharing about 50 varieties of gran reserva cava. Gran Reserva in Spanish wines means that these wines are aged for two years in oak and three years in the bottle. We were in for a treat!

At noon we set off for the hill on the other side of the C-15 from Viladellops. A five minute trip. Truthfully, I think that is a perfect distance to have to travel for an event. A spectacular autumn day with the temperature in the mid 70s.

What a beautiful setting for cava tasting.

It was difficult to choose which cava to taste next.

We learned from each vendor what makes their cava exceptional.

Mitjans from Moja was there! As always providing yummy stuff.


We’ve all been to tastings where they barely give you a mouthful to taste. Well, this was the opposite. All of the vineyards were very generous with their pours.

We did not visit all 19 vineyards. I mean…gosh…we couldn’t possibly try ALL of them! These are the ones that we visited.


We made our purchases and headed home.


What a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours close to home. Thank you Joan for thinking of us! I can’t tell you how touched we were. We had a great time!

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