Exploring, Vineyard

Our outdoor fort…of sorts.

Even when you have a fort you will want to take a break and get outside. From my experience most forts don’t have direct sunlight which to me is something I can’t survive very long without. Like a fort, taking a long walk in nature will help in changing your attitude about the world…even if for just a short time.

On our latest wander through the vineyard we started down paths that we had walked before. There are parts of the vineyard that hold our attention over others. These vines in the photos below are one of those areas. I’m not exactly sure why this is but some of them just seem to call out to us more than others.


Can you spot the red leaves? They caught my eye immediately.

I love Fall and the changing colors of the leaves. I will admit that last Fall in North Carolina I had had enough of the leaves. Well, raking the leaves to be honest. I used to love raking leaves…you know it was so satisfying to see the yard clean when I was done. But, our front yard was about a half an acre which was shaded by a canopy of large trees. Lovely in Summer to keep it cool but raking all of those leaves…several times during the season got to be too much. One Saturday I spent 7 hours raking and blowing leaves and I didn’t come close to finishing it. Frustrating considering more leaves were just going to fall before the next weekend when I would have to rake again. I knew at the time that we were moving so I guess all I could think of was what a waste of time it was when I had so much purging and packing to do.

So, to say I am enjoying the leaves changing color more this year than last would be an understatement. No raking of leaves on my schedule at all.

A couple of rows down we found these. Again, I wonder if they are just hanging there in hope that they will still become wine. Kind of sad I think.


We wandered.

And wandered.

And wandered.

Flora. Not how I wanted the photos to turn out but I kind of like them this way.



We discovered more of the property and more vines.

I love taking sunlight through the trees photos.


I wonder how old this rock wall is. Who built it. What their life was like.


Love discovering these around the property. Wouldn’t you love to hear the stories of the people who built them and used them while they tended their crops?

It’s hard to imagine there is a world outside of this place.

We talked about “our fort.” Whether it is inside or outside. At times we need to block out the rest of the world. To just focus on what is truly important.

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