Holidays, Xan & Bob

Carving out some fun

Do you ever just want to be a kid again? Sometimes I want to relive my childhood but with the appreciation and perspective that I have now. Especially for the holidays.

I had a great childhood. Our parents made sure that we had fun. They made the holidays special, but they also made every day things special. We were not wealthy, but we were rich in experiences thanks to them.

As an adult without children of my own I still want to do all of the fun holiday traditions. I never said I was going to grow up in fact Bob and I made a pact that we wouldn’t. I remember when I first moved to Australia to be with him that Halloween was not even a blip on the radar there. But I was determined that we were going to carve pumpkins. Well, the only pumpkins that we could find were pumpkins that they cook. Oh well, we invited friends over and had a pumpkin carving party.

We did this again with friends in Monterey, CA when we moved back to the U.S. Much easier to find pumpkins. When we moved to Kentucky we did it again. This is probably one of my best and favorite jack-o-lanterns.



Every year I say that we are going to carve pumpkins. Unfortunately, there are more years we didn’t do it.

Well, not this year! We have not seen a pumpkin patch but we have seen small pumpkins and carving kits in the grocery stores. The carving kits had scoops larger than most of the pumpkins.

Today we went to a fruit and vegetable store and they had a few small pumpkins. Bob tried to talk me into getting one, but they were too small. Then we went to another grocery store and they had a few larger pumpkins. I told Bob that we shouldn’t bother, but he wouldn’t listen to me. Picked the largest one. They all come with these sticker faces on them I guess to give people an idea of what you are supposed to do with it.


When we got it home I pulled two stickers off of it. One that indicated this was a decorative pumpkin and the other one…was instructions of what to do with it. I had a good laugh over that!


I got rid of all of my carving tools so I guess we will be doing it the old- fashioned way like when I was a kid. Now I just have to figure out what to carve. Scary or funny.

If you have kids make the most of these holidays for them. Trust me they will remember them for a lifetime. And if you don’t have kids…be a kid yourself and go get a pumpkin to carve. I’ll share a photo of mine when I am done.

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