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35,540 kilometers or 21,500 miles

We've been home almost two weeks from our five-week (supposed to be three-week) trip to the U.S. We are still getting caught up with things that need to be done and now with the holidays over life is getting back to normal. Bob calculated how much we travelled during those five weeks. We took 12… Continue reading 35,540 kilometers or 21,500 miles

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Charlotte to Las Vegas to Phoenix to Charlotte: Our Week

Tuesday morning we flew from Charlotte, North Carolina to Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, back to Vegas we went. Wednesday we had a meeting there which is why our trip was extended. So, that is a big reason why the snowstorm over the weekend had both Bob and me on edge. We had to be at… Continue reading Charlotte to Las Vegas to Phoenix to Charlotte: Our Week

Book Tour and Launch, Family, Friends, Xan & Bob

Book Launch and Friends

Wow! The past few days have been a blur. Sunday's book launch at Montroig Cafe went great and I was able to Skype in and see everyone. We opened a bottle of cava here to celebrate...yes it was 9am here but you only have your very first book launch once. Oh and if you haven't… Continue reading Book Launch and Friends