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Charlotte to Las Vegas to Phoenix to Charlotte: Our Week

Tuesday morning we flew from Charlotte, North Carolina to Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, back to Vegas we went. Wednesday we had a meeting there which is why our trip was extended. So, that is a big reason why the snowstorm over the weekend had both Bob and me on edge. We had to be at this meeting and knowing how North Carolina comes to a standstill whenever it snows we were really worried that our flight would be cancelled. We apologize to Donna and Carl for being such misery guts. Thanks for putting up with us.

So, Vegas baby. I’ve mentioned that it is not our favorite place. At least this time I was able to continue our book tour and capture this photo.


We also were able to have dinner Tuesday night with our friends, Griff and Dale. It has been ages since we have seen them. We had such a great time catching up.


As soon as our meeting was over yesterday we jumped in the car and drove from Vegas to Phoenix, Arizona. It was a gorgeous drive.








We are staying, once again, at our dear friend Pete’s home. An absolute oasis. Bob is spending the day checking on the progress of the race track that he is building here. His friend Jonathan flew down from Washington State yesterday to see us while we are here. More on our visit with Pete tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning we get back on a plane (this will be the 10th flight we’ve been on since we left home on November 6th!) and head back to Charlotte, A belated birthday celebration for my FANTABULOUS cousin Donna who turned 60 today. Bummed we couldn’t be there today but we did celebrate last weekend. Her birthday is always special because…well…it’s her birthday and I’m super glad she was born but she also shares this birthday with my Dad. ♥ He would have been 87 today. ♥♥ Happy birthday to both of them. Two of my favorite people.


Update: Unfortunately, I didn’t get this posted yesterday (Thursday). We arrived back in Charlotte a few hours ago. More to come on our time with Pete and more birthday celebrations for Donna. Happy Friday everyone!

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