Book Tour and Launch, Xan & Bob

35,540 kilometers or 21,500 miles

We’ve been home almost two weeks from our five-week (supposed to be three-week) trip to the U.S. We are still getting caught up with things that need to be done and now with the holidays over life is getting back to normal.

Bob calculated how much we travelled during those five weeks. We took 12 flights and travelled 35,540 kilometers or 21,500 miles. WOW! Just typing that makes me tired all over again.

He also created the map below to give you a glimpse at the craziness of it all.


  1. Barcelona, Spain to Miami, Florida
  2. Miami, Florida to Denver, Colorado
  3. Denver, Colorado to Phoenix, Arizona
  4. Phoenix, Arizona to San Antonio, Texas
  5. San Antonio, Texas to Houston, Texas (drove)
  6. Houson, Texas to Charlotte, North Carolina
  7. Charlotte, North Carolina to Las Vegas, Nevada
  8. Las Vegas, Nevada to Miami, Florida
  9. Miami, Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina
  10. Charlotte, North Carolina to Las Vegas, Nevada
  11. Las Vegas, Nevada to Phoenix, Arizona (drove)
  12. Phoenix, Arizona to Charlotte, North Carolina
  13. Charlotte, North Carolina to Miami, Florida
  14. Miami, Florida to Barcelona, Spain


All of these flights were on American Airlines. All flights were on time. That is a rare thing these days. And except for one flight, the staff were all wonderful. All of these flights zigzagging across the country earned both of us Gold Status with the airline.

So, not really a relaxing five week trip to the States. It did give us the opportunity to see lots of family and friends though for which we are extremely grateful.



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