Viladellops Village, Vineyard

A Rainy Saturday in July

If I remember correctly, it was the middle of May the last time we had any rain. It was forecast for yesterday but we all know how forecasts can go. I was feeling a bit hopeful with this cloud on Friday evening. Then yesterday morning on my walk all I could do was look at… Continue reading A Rainy Saturday in July

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Walking and Talking

What a lovely day for a walk! Yuko and I went for a long walk today. I showed her some places she hadn't seen before. The one thousand-year-old Olive tree. Definitely looks like a face and head to me. It's still alive. I love these branches...again I see faces in them. Do you?   The… Continue reading Walking and Talking

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Signs of Summer and Christmas

The coolness of Spring blew away on a warm breeze Monday. We've had warm sunny days but the Spring breeze still had a bite. Monday started our summer schedule of working in the morning and then beach time in the afternoon. Except in August when it is full on holiday time here in Spain and… Continue reading Signs of Summer and Christmas