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Signs of Summer and Christmas

The coolness of Spring blew away on a warm breeze Monday. We’ve had warm sunny days but the Spring breeze still had a bite. Monday started our summer schedule of working in the morning and then beach time in the afternoon. Except in August when it is full on holiday time here in Spain and we go to the beach first thing in the morning and then leave when everyone else starts showing up. We also don’t go to the beach on the weekends as it is packed.

So, Monday we worked in the morning and after lunch, we headed down to our favorite beach. It was so relaxing to stretch out in the sun and read a book. It was so relaxing that I never took a photo.

Tuesday we worked in the morning and after lunch, we went to the beach. A warmer day and no breeze. (insert: sigh of contentment) We even got brave and went into the water. I say brave because it was only 67°F (19°C) brrr. Now, we didn’t stay in long but that isn’t the point. We were brave. 🙂




On Tuesday our little village pool opened. We don’t use it very often as we prefer the beach. It is nice to know it is there if we need to cool off though. Let’s face it…the view isn’t bad at all.




Between us going to the beach and the pool opening, it is starting to look like summer. Or at least one might think…until you notice that our Christmas Cactus is BLOOMING! So…does that mean that Winter is coming back or perhaps just Christmas? I would say she is a late bloomer but she bloomed at Christmas time so maybe she is just an overachiever.





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