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Bob the Builder Builds Garden Projects

It has been quite a while since Bob the Builder has built anything. We came up with a couple of projects early in our COVID-19 lockdown but our hardware-type stores were either closed completely or were only allowed to sell to contractors. I heard of one store that was hit with a €10,000 fine for selling to the general public. As it wasn’t an essential trip allowed during that time we had to wait.

When our area entered Phase One of deescalation of lockdown we headed out to FesMes Bricolatge to get wood for the project. Unfortunately, it was day two of the change of restrictions and the store wouldn’t allow customers to wander the aisles and choose things on their own…an employee needed to do it for you. Well, that wasn’t going to work for us as Bob needed to look at what wood was available and determine what would work best for our projects. So, we left the store and returned two weeks later when we hoped things had changed. And they had. With masks and gloves we headed back to the treated wood section of the store and Bob decided what would work best. We loaded up the car and headed home so he could get to work.

While he worked on the first project, I worked on our U.S. taxes. Needless to say…he had more fun than I did.

The first project was a raised garden bed for growing vegetables. We looked at buying one but they were smaller than what we wanted and why not have Bob the Builder build it!

No bending over! Perfect!

Tomatoes, capsicum, and zucchini! Yum!

With the building and planting done, Bob moved on to the second project. Another firewood rack/table with a removable top to make stacking the wood easier. During our COVID-19 lockdown we had firewood delivered by a different company than where we usually go and pickup firewood. We shared the huge bag with a couple neighbors. We liked the wood and the delivery is very convenient so now with the additional rack we can order one huge bag of firewood and have room to store it. The table top makes it an additional place for plants or an additional table for our Fourth of July party.

Now…if we could just wake up tomorrow morning and have homegrown veggies! Patience.

You can check out the other projects that Bob the Builder has created at the links below:

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