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Bob the Builder and Grandma’s Glass Rolling Pin

I have a confession. I love Bob the builder! ♥

To date, this is the best and most important creation that Bob the builder has undertaken.

A wooden stand for my Grandma Salter’s glass rolling pin. The rolling pin first went to my Mother and then to me. Unfortunately, there was no stand or holder for it. For years I kept in in the back of our china cabinet. Then when we moved here we no longer had the china cabinet and it has been tucked safely away in the back of a cupboard.

With all of Bob’s recent building of the sideboard shelf/table and the kitchen island, we have done a lot of rearranging. Organizing things in a smarter more convenient way. This meant that we moved pretty much everything in front of the glass rolling pin. We pulled it out and once again I commented that I need to find a stand for it somewhere online. I had looked years ago but hadn’t had any luck.

Bob the brilliant builder then said, “Why don’t I make a stand?” Why not, indeed!

Last Saturday in the midst of all the organizing and shortly after the conversation about the rolling pin I ran out to the store for a couple of things. Wasn’t gone long at all. Came home to find that Bob the builder had built the stand.


Then he stained it over the next couple of days. Wow!!




My Grandmother was born in 1911. Her mother was born in 1885 but died very young in 1929. I don’t know if this was my Great Grandmother’s rolling pin or if my Grandmother was the first owner. Either way, it is very special to me. I do wish that I had a photo of her using the rolling pin. That would be cool.

The glass rolling pin has one identifying mark. ‘Pat’d 21 Oct. 1879.’


Yesterday, I found a copy of the patent online. Pretty cool. You can read it better at this link (if you scroll the patent contents will display on the left side of the screen)

As the patent states, cold water with or without ice can be added inside to ensure the pastry rolling process is done at the optimum temperature. Also, the glass helps to stop the pastry from sticking to the rolling pin as can happen with wooden rolling pins.





Now I can proudly display this family heirloom…and perhaps I’ll even use it the next time I make a pastry.

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4 thoughts on “Bob the Builder and Grandma’s Glass Rolling Pin”

      1. You bake? Hmmm
        It is a nice display. I don’t remember it. we were always in the game room or playing red light along the house.

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