Xan & Bob

Bob the Builder

Happiness is your husband having the skills to design and build a challenging shelf. We have this odd space that we have struggled with what to use it for. The rock floor slopes and the rock wall make it a challenge. The glass in the floor looks down into the entrance of the wine cellar.




Because of the slope we couldn’t just buy a shelf or a piece of furniture for it. So, Bob designed a shelf taking into account the slope and the rock wall.





And then he started.

This was the the almost finished product prior to painting and staining. There are three separate pieces that had to match up.


After the holidays we took them outside to paint and stain.



And look how amazing they turned out. Absolutely LOVE it!




This is what I meant about the floor sloping. Of course each rock is different so how he did this and made it level is beyond me.


So now it is no longer wasted space. We have a place for our CD player and our CDs (yes, we have a lot of CDs), our vinyl, and our cookbooks (this is right off the kitchen). It has decluttered the built-in bench so now people can sit on that. It also takes those items out of the view in the living room/dining room.




4 thoughts on “Bob the Builder”

  1. What a great job Bob did on the furniture. Your beautiful home has a lot of challenging architectural elements including the beautiful stone walls. Great job Bob!

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