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Bob the Builder to the Rescue

A few weeks ago Bob the Builder was busy building once again. Last year he built a stand for our wood pile to get it off the ground. I casually (wink wink) suggested that it would be great to have a table top on it when we spend so much time outside.


Voilà! The great thing is that it lifts off to make it easy stacking the wood.


We noticed that our neighbor Yuko’s garden gate was not hanging on the hinges right and had to be lifted to open it. Bob replaced the hinges and rebuilt the gate to make it more stable.

Voilà! A gate that is easy to open.



Our friend Mark was looking for a narrow shelf for the entryway. He and Bob talked about what he wanted it to look like and measurements. They went to Serradora Campamà and Mark had them cut a gorgeous piece of pine leaving the rough edge for the top of the shelf.

Bob sketched it out and then got to work. (look at that nice tabletop on the woodpile with the plant on it.)


It was important that Mark could fit shoes underneath the shelf.


Voilà! A shelf is born.


Mark picked up the top from the Serradora and we took the shelves over to put them together.

Voilà! Looks great!



Have drill and wood glue…will travel. ha ha ha


The following week Mark stained it and we went over to take a few photos. Looks like Franki approves.


I love the rough cut on the top.


Looks great!


I keep casually dropping hints about what else he could build, however, I think Bob the Builder isn’t looking for more projects at the moment.

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