Xan & Bob

Welcome June!

Welcome June! You seem to have arrived rather quickly this year but believe me when I say, “WELCOME JUNE! We are thrilled to have you here!”

The past few days I have woken up to bright blue skies and temperatures that have me opening the windows straight away. It has been a cold and wet Spring here but it appears that Summer is on its way. I’m not wishing away Spring. Just looking forward to some beach time. Work in the morning…beach in the afternoon. Being able to sit at my laptop in the yard to write instead of inside.

June also brings lot of fun! Tomorrow we are joining some of my friends from the Writer’s Group at a wine tasting in Vilanova. Sunday is Corpus in Sitges (carpets of flowers). Next weekend possibly Gran Reserva cava tasting. The 16th our wonderful friends Nathan and Jeffrey are coming to visit with a couple of their friends! Can’t wait to show them our little paradise. June 23rd we have another fabulous neighborhood lunch (probably 5-6 hours). And it just continues.

The past four weeks have been crazy with Bob travelling and us being sick and then him travelling again. Today we went into Sitges to run some errands. We enjoyed simple things like having a coffee on the main street and people watching. I could do that for hours! A wander through town and to the beach where we sat on a bench and watched more people. There were quite a few people who need to learn what sunscreen is. Ouch! No easier way to ruin a vacation then to get sunburned!

Some tapas and vino and more people watching. Back home to catch a bit of the MotoGP practice on TV and then outside to the yard. Bob in the hammock and me writing. Not a bad day at all.

So, I will leave you with the few photos I took at the beach today. Welcome June!






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