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Temps de Vi – Wine Time

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday! Well, probably any day truthfully. We met Mark, Catherine and Patricia from my Writer’s Group in Vilanova for Temps de Vi. Wine Time.

For 9€ we got a wine glass with a sling that hangs around your neck, 4 tickets (tastings were either 1 ticket or 2 tickets per glass), a 20% off coupon for a restaurant and a bag of  chips. This wasn’t a taste of wine it was a full glass.



The Temps de Vi took place on the Rambla Principal with 30 wineries and 4 food booths. The Rambla is lined with tons of restaurants so there was lots to choose from.  We of course stopped at Finca Viladellops booth as the others wanted to try the wine of our village. We opted to try wine from another winery since we are very familiar with Viladellops wines.


With glasses full we stood at one of the wine barrel tables and chatted. The sun was shining, the wine was yummy and the company was fabulous!


Out of  30 different wineries we only tried wines from 3 of them but trust me it was enough.

I had planned to take lots of photos for my blog but I will admit that I got a little preoccupied with the wine and our friends. 🙂 Being present was more important.

I did stop and by a cute T-shirt which I just love! I love the graphic and I especially love the full-figured characters.


After we had used up our 4 tickets each we wandered off for some incredible Indian food at Mumbai Restaurant. Mark and Patricia had been there before and knew the owner who was absolutely delightful.

As I said what a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. I think this will become an annual event for this crazy group of friends. I hope so anyway.

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