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Jumping to conclusions

It would seem that our grasshopper friend from “Please don’t jump” has taken up residency in our garden. Here is he is from that post.


A couple of days ago when I was watering he jumped from our Christmas tree up into the ivy. You notice I said JUMP! He isn’t supposed to do that! We talked about this.


I reminded him of the no JUMPING rule and also the no MUNCHING rule. I do not see that he is eating anything and I hope this is the case.

This morning while watering once again I found him in a new spot. I did my “Please don’t jump” speech and snapped a couple of photos.

“My what big eyes you have!” I was seriously hoping that he didn’t JUMP at this point.




I said to him (as one does), “Now listen, I don’t mind having you live in our garden as long as you go out to eat for every meal. You just go out somewhere else…have a nice meal and then come back in the garden. No meals are to be taken here. Okay?” I think I saw him nod…but it may have been wishful thinking.


Just look at him! What an incredible critter!


Shortly after I took this photo I was just standing there staring at him when he positioned himself just so and then…


It was about a 10 foot jump to the rose bush. That is some serious leverage in those hind legs!

Obviously, I need to have the “Please don’t jump” talk with him once again. Oh and it may be time that we give him a name. Any suggestions?!

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