Xan & Bob

Please don’t jump!

There are some critters that you really do not want to see in your garden. This big guy was sitting in our Jasmine bush yesterday morning. It seemed that he was just hanging out. I looked at the foliage to see if he had already had his breakfast but nothing was amiss.


I have a standard conversation (albeit one-sided) with critters that I am trying to photograph. It goes something like, “Now, just stay still…I’m not going to hurt you. I only want to take your photo. I promise not to hurt you. I will make you famous!” Of course if the critter is one that might JUMP or STING…I also ask it very nicely not to make any quick moves. For the record they don’t usually take any notice of that request.

This guy however just sat there as I got closer and closer. I kept expecting him to JUMP but he didn’t seem bothered by me at all.


After taking one last photo I got a stick to gently remove him from our plant. Who knows maybe he was just having a rest before he had a hearty breakfast. Even the stick didn’t phase him. He didn’t move. I got a larger stick for him to grab on to. He definitely wasn’t well because he didn’t JUMP at all. He just let me move him to a more neutral location. (i.e. not in our garden)


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