Viladellops Village, Xan & Bob

By the light of the moon

Our lovely live Christmas tree is quite happy in its pot in our yard. There is lots of new growth.


A couple of weeks ago I said to Bob that it just seems like it needs something. Decorations or something. It just looks (and is) our Christmas tree so it looks like it needs to be a bit more festive. Well, I found some solar lights the other day and voila…now it looks happy again. I ventured out last night to take a look for the first time. Love it!


As I was out looking at the tree I noticed the moon playing hide and seek with the clouds. I wandered out a bit and took these photos. It was so incredible standing there watching it peek in and out of the clouds. The only sounds were the crickets and an owl. I stood there gazing at the moon and listening to the silence.










It’s moments like that that really put your life and your existence in perspective.

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