Beach, Xan & Bob


And so it begins. A bit of beach time happened this afternoon. Not bathing suits and swimming but shorts and a good book. After our work (except my blog post writing) for the day was done we packed the beach chairs into the car along with our Kindles and off we went.


It’s these sort of “let’s do it” moments that were missing from our previous life. We used  to have so little time together. Thirty minutes in the morning before I left for the office and if we were lucky a couple of hours at night if I wasn’t continuing to work once I got home. The only true time we had together was our 2-week vacation here in Spain each year. More time together was a big part of our decision to change our lifestyle. We cherish the time together.


I also never had time to read. I would read while we were on vacation and if I started a book on the flight home it was sometimes 6 months before I got to finish it.


Now I have time to read but more importantly I’m finally able to follow my dream of writing. I’ll soon be celebrating the one year anniversary of this blog. Along with that I’m starting to write my first book. Amazing how life can change when you make that leap of faith.


I know I’ve said it before but I really, really encourage you to follow your dreams. Do something every day that will get you to that dream happening.


“A year from now, you will wish that you started today.”

~ Karen Lamb

4 thoughts on “Dream”

  1. So lovely to meet you both, albeit randomly 😊 I admire your pursuit of your dreams and I love reading about your daily joys. By the way Xan, what beach is that? I miss Catalunya and I’m counting the days til we return in July.


    Christabel ( met you at the Viladellops shindig with my mum, husband and three little people and lots of mummy juice😊)

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    1. Hello! It was so lovely to meet you and your family as well. What a perfect day for your to come to the winery!
      It is Sausalito Beach in Sitges. Our favorite. We’ll show you when you return. It will be July before we know it.
      Please keep in touch and WhatsApp me when you know your schedule is in July.
      Lol love the mummy juice! 😉


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