Xan & Bob

It’s about blooming time!

Having now lived here for a year we have a  good idea of what plants grow around the vineyard (besides vines). We may not know all of their names yet but I finally found a good app over here for identifying not only plants but animals, insects etc. I look forward to learning the names of the plants that we find.

Anticipation. The lane that runs beside our house is a flower-lovers paradise. The first sign of Spring flowers brings Daffodils and then Irises, Roses, Lilacs (at the end of the lane), and then Mirabilis Jalapa (which I fell in love with last year).

The Daffodils have come and gone and we have been patiently waiting for the Irises to bloom. Every morning when we open our bedroom curtains we check on their progress. Much like the roses in the garden.


Today was the day. Yesterday we could see the purple of the bud showing and this morning several of them bloomed.







This one was being a bit shy about having her photo taken.


There will be yellow Irises as well.


When we returned from grocery shopping and drove through the village this afternoon we saw this burst of Irises now blooming too.


A pale lavender color. The old wine press makes a nice backdrop.






My Mom loved the color purple and had many Irises in her yard. As I stand and appreciate the Irises and take photos I always find myself whispering to my Mom in Heaven, “Look at this one Mom! Isn’t it gorgeous.” Sometimes a breeze blows the flowers at that point and I’m sure it is her way of nodding her head yes in agreement.


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