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Hues of red wine grapes

After Bob and I dodged the rain on Monday we continued our walk through the vineyard. From the white wine grapes that they are now harvesting through to the vines where the red wine grapes are still maturing. The different colors are just so gorgeous. Are you noticing all the different textures between the grapes,… Continue reading Hues of red wine grapes

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I've been busy lately preparing accounting information for our Spanish Tax agent. We have to give him information on a monthly basis and this was the first month we started doing this. I have been working on rejigging my spreadsheet so that it works for both our U.S. tax agent and our Spanish tax agent.… Continue reading Vinseum

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A tint of what’s to come

I noticed when we were out driving the other day that the grapes in other vineyards had started to turn red or purple if you like. I haven't walked amongst the red varieties here lately so Sunday morning I wandered off to see what I would find. The early morning light was spectacular. Look at… Continue reading A tint of what’s to come