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I’ve been busy lately preparing accounting information for our Spanish Tax agent. We have to give him information on a monthly basis and this was the first month we started doing this. I have been working on rejigging my spreadsheet so that it works for both our U.S. tax agent and our Spanish tax agent. I do not want to have to do work twice. All expenses need to be converted from either U.S. dollars to Euros or the other way. Then when Bob travels to someplace with another currency that has to be converted to both U.S. dollars and Euros as well. It has been difficult to switch from accounting brain to creative writing brain while I was doing this. If I wasn’t working on the spreadsheet I was thinking about it and the looming deadline. Just by reading this many of you are probably starting to doze off. I completely understand that.

I tell you that to tell you this. Last night I emailed the spreadsheet off to our tax agent. Phew! Woohoo! Yippee! Today my plan was to work on my blog and get some other writing done for our writer’s group book.

Bob and I needed to go to Vilafranca this morning to get one more document for our social security health cards here. Once at the office we found out we need one more document before we can get this done. We have now made an appointment for the 5th of September. I will tell you that whole story after it is complete. It has been a fairly easy process even with the two documents needed. The most frustrating thing was making an appointment online this afternoon. To be continued…

Since we were in Vilafranca we decided to have a wander around. We found ourselves in front of the Vinseum (wine museum). We have wanted to check this out since we moved here but kept saying we’ll do it on a rainy day. Well, since we had our umbrella in hand we decided today was the day. In we went. The 7€ ($8.12) covered our entry into the museum and a glass of cava at the end. Seriously?! Oh and that also included an iPod audio guide for each of us.

We were the only ones in there at the time which was great. We thought we had read no photos allowed so I did not take any. We saw when we left that it just said no flash photography. No biggie. It was nice to just be completely immersed in the displays, photos, videos etc. without taking photos of everything for my blog. We will be returning. The museum is incredible.











Enjoying our glass of cava.


After the Vinseum Bob asked if I wanted to get home to write. Heck no! Let’s go wander around and have some lunch. In one of the squares surrounded by restaurants and shops we stopped for lunch at Celler Taverna Sant John. A typical Catalan menu of the day which is a 3 course meal, including wine, bread and coffee for…are you ready for this…10€ ($11.60)! Here we are at 2 p.m. enjoying a glass of red while waiting for our lunch.


This is the gorgeous tile above their door. Oh, and lunch was fabulous as was the service. We will return.


When we left the Vinseum we exited through the gift shop and found this fabulous book which Bob has been reading while I have been typing this post. So much to learn and places to explore oh and of course more wine to drink.


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