Beach, Sitges

Waving Goodbye to January

I’ve been a bit under the weather with allergies the past few days so I apologize for being absent from blogging. We had a few windy days here and I think that stirred up stuff that drove my sinuses over the edge. Not perfect today (or any day for that matter – HA) but better than the past three days.

Yesterday afternoon I had a doctor’s appointment in Sitges so, of course, we had to walk along the seafront. The wind of the past few days was gone and the sun was gorgeous and warm.

It’s the last weekend of January which, is great but that still means we have more Winter ahead of us. I thought I would share the beautiful beach and sunshine with you. Just a reminder that Spring will be here before we know it and then Summer beach weather! Woohoo!




I overheard the Seagull committee talking. Although they love having the beach mostly to themselves, they do admit that they miss the free food that the beachgoers share with them. They, too, are looking forward to Spring and Summer.





Yes, I know that there are three very similar photos like this but I just love the sun and the shadows at play together.


I can’t resist a photo of the sunlight on the church against that gorgeous blue sky.








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