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Days Go By (Bye)

Following our fun day at Tres Tombs on Thursday, we’ve kept a bit busy. I had writers’ group on Friday. It was my turn to lead the group this time and the subject I chose was humor. I brought a list of prompts (I was surprised how few I could really find online), Xarel-lo and Shiraz joined me just to get the smiles started. But I must say I struggled with writing a short story on humor or a humorous short story if you will. It wasn’t easy at all and I found myself very frustrated that the humorous creative juices just weren’t flowing. Especially frustrating since I was the one who chose the subject. Ugh. Oh well, I still have to write my story for it so that it can go in our next book. Our friend Mark of Writey – Ho took this photo of me while I was trying to encourage the creative juices to do something!


Friday afternoon I started working on going through all of the photos that we had taken at Tres Tombs and writing the blog. It would be Saturday afternoon before I would finish after several hours of work. I took 150 photos plus 9 videos and Bob took almost 100 photos which made choosing the 65+ photos that I used a bit difficult. 😉 I stopped about 7pm so that I could go sit by the fire and enjoy a bottle (or two) of red with Bob.

Saturday we had friends coming over for dinner so Grape Ape, Shiraz and Xarel-lo helped me set the table. Or maybe they were just monkeying around. Yes, I am silly but hey life is too short not to laugh as often as we can.



While I was finishing my blog, Bob was busy getting things prepped for our dinner. He made paella and crema Catalan. YUMMY! We had such a wonderful evening.






Sunday, we met Mark and Alberto at Cafe la Provenca on the seafront in Vilanova I la Geltru. Katrina does a proper English roast lunch and also offers a complete vegetarian choice. With two meat eaters and two vegetarians, this meant we were all happy. So MUCH food. No photos as we were too busy eating. We certainly didn’t need to eat dinner that night. 

Yesterday, we went into Sitges to pick up Bob’s laptop after having a new hard drive installed. Stopped for coffee and a pastry but it was a bit cold and windy so we ate inside (a rare occurrence). Then off to pick up some firewood. By the time we got home with the firewood and Bob made lunch it was quite nice so we were able to eat lunch outside. And yes, that is laundry drying on the line in January!


Winter days should be like this. Bright blue sky, sunshine, and no snow. Thinking about our family and friends getting snow and/or ice.




This morning I finished loading all the programs back on Bob’s laptop. Now to finish this blog post and then spend a few hours working on my novel.

2 thoughts on “Days Go By (Bye)”

  1. I’m surprised you had trouble finding humor. The odd sleeping bag on your hike, the attitude of the horses who were braided and then unbraided, so many ideas!!!
    And your dessert looks to die for! I’m so glad I can go places with you. Happy Sigh!

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