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Our trip has been extended

Today is the original day we were supposed to be arriving back home in Spain. Sigh. Our trip has been extended for another two weeks as a key meeting that we need to attend has been moved to December 12th. Our three-week trip is now five weeks. Thankfully we have wonderful family and friends that have opened their homes and hearts and allowed us to stay with them. We really can’t thank everyone enough. ♥

Because of this change in plans, I will be missing our book launch at Montroig Cafe in Sitges, Spain on Sunday, December 2nd. I am beyond bummed about this but the cost of flying home to Spain and then flying back to attend the meeting in two weeks just isn’t in the cards. So I will continue to promote the book on our U.S. Tour. On Sunday we will (finally you might say) be sharing the link where you can purchase the book. You will LOVE it. Great short stories from several different genres and authors.

I have added a new page to my website “Book” where you can get more information and see the photos where we have been on tour here in the U.S.

Bob’s work is taking us all over the country. Yesterday we flew from Charlotte, North Carolina to Las Vegas, Nevada. That makes six flights in three weeks with (if I have counted right) five more flights to go. We are not fans of Las Vegas so this isn’t exciting to us as it may be to other people. We have both spent time in Vegas before and well…it just isn’t our thing. At least the sunset was pretty through our window last night.


Bob has a couple of meetings here today. While he is out today I am spending the time working on my novel. I had hoped to have more time to write on this trip but that hasn’t turned out to be the case. Let’s face it…this whole trip has not really gone like we expected. Oh well. Onward.

Sunday afternoon we had a lovely lunch at our friends Nathan and Jeff’s home in Charlotte. If you are a regular reader of my blog you may remember that they visited us in Spain in June. It was so wonderful to have time to catch up with them.

Thanks guys for a fabulous time! And yes, perhaps that is a crown you think you see on my head. tee hee hee.



The book goes great with cava and yummy hors d’oeuvres.


We fly back to Charlotte tomorrow and will be enjoying more time with Donna and Carl. I know Donna and I have more Christmas decorating to do.

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