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Thankful for a wonderful Thanksgiving

We woke up to a gorgeous Thanksgiving morning which gave us another thing to be thankful for.





Sunshine, the lake, a cup of tea and our fabulous book “A Working Title” made for a great start to the day.


We had a relaxing day and instead of making a feast for just the four of us we had reservations at Chillfire Bar & Grill. Thanks to our waitress Genesis for taking care of us. We have gone there a few times for Thanksgiving and really enjoy it.


No cooking and no cleaning up…that will wait until we get home. By that, I mean that since we were not able to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends back home we have rescheduled hosting our Thanksgiving there until December 22nd. We had such a wonderful time sharing the holiday with our friends last year that it will now be a tradition. Even if a little late.

Yesterday morning Donna, Maria, and I drove to Greensboro for the 45th Annual Craftsmen’s Christmas Classic Art & Craft Festival. Over 200 booths of art and crafts. So much fun! And since anything I buy must fit in my suitcase and not weigh anything…it was a non-buying event for me. I still enjoyed it.

Today Donna and I took down her beautiful Thanksgiving decorations and started decorating for Christmas.




She has quite a collection so we will be working on it for a while. I will share photos later.

This afternoon we took a break and went to lunch at a place that has a drink called a Dirty Shirley. My Mom’s name was Shirley so Donna thought we should try the drink. It is Absolute Citrus, Grenadine, orange juice, Sprite, and a bit of lime juice. It was delicious! Oh, and it pairs well with our book!


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