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At home with Donna and Carl

We arrived at the airport in Houston a little over four hours before our flight yesterday. This being the busiest travel time of the year in the States we were keen to avoid crowds as much as possible. Thankfully we did. The only two people on the rental car shuttle bus. Only five people in the line to drop off bags and maybe ten people in the security line. It was perfect. We had breakfast and people watched. Took the following photo for the book tour. Oh, and Donna ordered 5 copies of the book tonight! WOOHOO!!!


The flight was good and arrived early in Charlotte. Unfortunately, the traffic coming into the airport was horrendous and it took what seemed like forever for Donna to get through and pick us up. Tis the season.

The moon rising over the lake last night was a perfect welcome. And the sunlight this morning…heaven.






This morning Bob and I got some work done and after lunch, Donna took me out to some local little shops for some Christmas decoration shopping. We went to a garden store and I really wanted to take our photo in this Charlie Brown cutout but it looked a little short for both of us.


We drove around the lake and the leaves showed off in all their splendour!




Donna then took me around to the road where she and Carl had first rented a house during one of their visits here on Lake Norman before they bought their land and built their house. We drove up and down roads as she tried to show me exactly where it was. Finally, we turned on Waze and backtracked until we arrived on the now unmarked street. Ina Lane. Our grandmother’s name was Ina. This is what made it so special. So without a street sign to take a photo of we found a couple of mailboxes. 🙂

More gorgeous lake shots to end our day.


A fish jumped just as I took this photo and caused a ripple at the edge of moonlight on the water.



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