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The Tour Continues: Phoenix to San Antonio to Houston

Saturday we bid farewell to Phoenix and flew to San Antonio. We had a wonderful time in Phoenix with our friend Pete. Thanks Pete for your hospitality we really appreciate it. Emily the wonderful doggie…thank you for all the loving. Those eyes!


How much is that doggie in the window?


The goodbye look. I think she’s going to miss us.


While we were in Phoenix I caught up with a childhood friend, Brenda and her husband Henry. The visits with Brenda are always too short. There is always so much to catch up on in each other’s lives and even more reminiscing. We listened to a recording of my Dad telling us Halloween stories that he had written. Laughter and tears. I shared our book with her and showed her my story called “The Cedar Chest.” This is a photo of her reading it with tears rolling down her face. That made me cry as well.


Friends for 45 years!


As we were in the Phoenix airport we took some more book tour photos. Look! Even Trip Advisor recommends our book for no matter where you may travel.

In San Antonio we stayed with our friends, James and Amber and their twins, The Beans. We haven’t seen them in almost 8 years yet it is like no time has passed. Well, except that the twins are now 10 years old! They had a previous commitment Saturday night so Bob and I had an evening alone. As much as we have loved being with family and friends the past two weeks…I will admit that we loved having an evening alone.

We took some photos of the sunset that night. Just a reminder that our book, “A Working Title” is a fabulous read whether you are lounging by the pool or relaxing with a glass of wine in the hot tub.





Before we left for dinner we had visitors. These photos are out of the hallway window. There were two others across the street. So cool.





Coming home from dinner we stopped to take a couple of photos of the neighbor’s Christmas lights. Yes, a bit early but still pretty.




Today is Monday and this morning we drove from San Antonio to Houston. Literally in Houston for 24 hours. Bob had a meeting this afternoon and tomorrow we fly to Charlotte, North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with my cousin Donna and her husband Carl.

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