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A bit of horsing around

Monday was a day to regroup and relax after our first crazy week of travel. We spent the day catching up with our friend Pete. It’s been 7 years since we’ve lived in Phoenix so lots to talk about. Bob and I did some grocery shopping and both got a bit of work done in the afternoon.

That night Pete built a fire and we hung out listening to great music in his backyard haven called CJ’s Cantina. CJ’s Cantina is named after his daughter. It is a fabulous place to gather with friends and have a drink or two. 😉 Okay, it is party paradise. In the concrete jungle (sorry friends in Phoenix) that this city is, Pete’s home is located in a little oasis. Huge one hundred foot shade trees line the road and yard and his property is surrounded by nurseries, golf courses, and neighbor’s with horse stables. It is lush, green and extremely peaceful.




After a tree limb came down, Pete discovered this large tree provided a perfect canopy and so he built a sky bar. I mean who doesn’t need a sky bar in their backyard?!






Pete builds a mean fire!

Tuesday, Bob and Pete both went off to work and I sat down to write for the day. I wrote my story for last week’s writer’s group on “Beginnings” and also worked on my novel. Not a bad view for inspiration and I had sweet Emily to keep me company.



Then I just did a bit of horsing around with Jack and Popcorn, the neighbor’s horses. Jack is very in your face while Popcorn hangs back. When we lived in Phoenix we were at Pete’s for a party and the oranges were ripe. The horses LOVE oranges and we stood by at the fence feeding them orange after orange as the juice dripped from their mouths. The oranges aren’t ripe now but I’m tempted to buy some just to treat Jack and Popcorn.





Don’t you just want to ask Jack, “Why the long face?”  LOL!





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