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Farewell Denver, Hello Phoenix

Yesterday we woke up to it snowing in Denver. Thankfully just a dusting and the roads were clear when Vicky took us to the airport.

We arrived at the airport in plenty of time for our flight to Phoenix. I must say that the TSA staff in Denver could train the TSA staff in Miami on how to talk and treat the public. What a huge difference. They smiled and were polite while still doing their job to make sure that we did what we were supposed to.

We had exit row seats and after being briefed on what we would need to do in the event of an emergency we watched the straggling passengers slowly board and try to place their oversized luggage in the already full overhead bins. We mumbled a few comments with the flight attendant who was equally amused or perhaps annoyed. After everyone was seated she leaned over to us and quietly said, “Anything you two want, it is on me.” Not sure what we did to make her like us (ok, what’s not to like?), but we got two glasses of wine for it. 🙂

After de-icing of the plane, we were off leaving the snow of Denver for sunny, warm Phoenix. It is only a one and a half hour flight.

I have never taken photos from the plane but I thought I needed to do it for all of these flights we are taking. So, today I share the ones I’ve taken so far.

Miami skyline.


Denver skyline.


Leaving Denver.













Phoenix skyline.


We spent this morning catching up with our friend Pete who we are staying with. This afternoon Bob and I got some work done and wow…look at the time. It is now Wine O’clock. Cheers everyone!

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