Book Tour and Launch, Xan & Bob

Book Tour in the U.S.

Bob and I flew from Barcelona to the United States this morning. We are currently in the Miami airport for a layover and then on to Denver, Colorado where my sister Vicky lives. We are combining lots of business meetings with visits with some family and friends. Lots of travel and we will be here for a few weeks. I’m excited to see family and friends and I’m sorry we won’t get to see everyone. The business part of the trip dictates where we go and for how long.

While we are travelling about the country, I will be promoting the MAWW Writer’s Group book which we will be officially launching in Sitges on December 2nd. Super excited for the book launch at Montroig Cafe in Sitges! Since family and friends and anyone else I cross paths with here will not be able to be at the launch in Spain I will be showing them the book and letting them know how they can order it from here. I’m going to have a bit of fun and make this the U.S. Book Tour. Mark and I decided that I should have a bit of fun and take photos of the book at various locations during our trip. Woohoo for my first book tour!

Now, here is today’s first photo taken in Barcelona airport. Just think…when you buy your very own copy of our book you can read it over breakfast just like I did.


Hands up everyone who wants a copy?!?!?!

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