November’s arrival

Ah hello, November. Welcome! You are just as beautiful as all the months before you, but with your own special charm. Crisp mornings, bright sunshiny days, and nights made for the fireside.







As I was taking these photos I heard a noise behind me. I thought maybe it was a dog running through the vines. I turned around and watched as a Jabali came running down the row of vines. He/she stopped about 10 feet from me. I believe both of our mouths dropped to the ground although maybe it was just mine. Then it turned around and ran back the way it had come which, is actually where I had been walking about 10 minutes earlier. No, I didn’t get a photo. I waited hoping it would return but it didn’t.




5 thoughts on “November’s arrival”

  1. Beautiful photos – love how the colors of the sun and the sky complement the vines. A gorgeous view you have, that’s for sure!


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