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Amongst Friends, Part 4

Sunday morning saw some people waking up late to make up for partying until 3am or 4am. After breakfast many gathered under a shady tree to talk the morning away. Bob and I enjoyed some pool time. Mas_Teixidor41_7.7.18_TWW


Throughout the day people started to pack up to make their way home. Of course before they could leave there were the compulsory kissing and hugging each person. This is how you greet and say goodbye to people here and it is something we just love. Men, women, and children not being shy about showing affection. With a large group these goodbyes can take a long time. It is wonderful to be a part of and also to watch. It is as if each person is the most important person at that moment.

Other friends arrived for the day as others were leaving.


Although I took a lot of photos as I am looking through them now I wish I had taken more shots like the one above. Each couple and family member with Kim and Virginia and gosh…I wish we had taken one huge group shot of all of us. Next time!!

During one of the meals I kept looking around the table as Bob and I talked about how amazing this was to be included in this “family.” We had been asked earlier if we felt isolated, you know due to everyone knowing everyone already and them all speaking their own language of Catalan. Our reply was no, we did not feel isolated at all. I remember during this meal Kim catching my eye and I think he (did you Kim?) thought that the way I was looking around that I was overwhelmed or uncomfortable. That wasn’t the case at all. I was looking around in awe of this wonderful group of people and their connection to each other. ♥

In between the hugs goodbye during the day I captured some photos of the house and grounds.

I love this tree in the orchard. I can just imagine a cast of fairyland characters living in it. A children’s book being written about their escapades.



The sunlight on this gorgeous fountain was stunning.




This beautiful rose from Friday night opened over the weekend.







St. Jordi guarding the masia.


A magical place it is.

By the time dinner came around Sunday night there were just 12 of us left. We had a lovely dinner alfresco, more stories, more laughter, more wonderful food along with wine and cava. Another four people left for home after dinner.

Monday morning breakfast was shared in the kitchen around this gorgeous table.


After breakfast we said our goodbyes and headed for home. Sad to have the weekend behind us but our hearts are full from the company we enjoyed.

Thank you Kim and Virginia for including us in your celebration. Thank you for making us feel so very welcome. ♥♥♥

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2 thoughts on “Amongst Friends, Part 4”

  1. Querida Xan

    Dice un buen amigo, que en la vida, uno tiene que intentar rodearse de un buen “paisaje”. Para mi y para Virgínia, siempre ha sido muy importante tener cerca gente sincera y buena, gente interesante que te ayude a crecer.

    Aunque como tu escribes, la mayoría nos conocemos hace muchos años, tenemos amigos de diferentes recorridos… 40 años, 30, 20, 10, 5 y 1!!!. como vosotros. Lo que importa no es la cantidad, lo que importa es la calidad, lo mejor de cada casa 🙂

    No es la primera vez que te digo que somos unos afortunados de haber coincidido en esta vida con vosotros y poder compartir sentimientos, vivencias y cariño.

    Este fin de semana era una oportunidad para que pudieras conocer de cerca a toda esa gente y que muchos de ellos os conocieran a vosotros.Estoy muy contento de leer que no os sentisteis extraños, de eso se trataba.

    Gracias por ser como sois, y perdona si no se expresar muy bien todo lo que siento.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Por cierto, ese Sant Jordi, es de Joan Calvet. Joan es pintor y escultor, muchas de las pinturas y esculturas que has visto en nuestra casa, son de él.

    Joan también es un buen amigo nuestro pero no pudo estar estos días con todos nosotros. Ya lo conoceréis en otra ocasión.

    Liked by 1 person

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